L. R. is working on the interface between research, graphic design and artistic practice. In her* work, she* reflects on semantics, visual representations and cultural discourses. Fusing theory and practice, L. R. makes use of a variety of analogue and digital techniques, from screen and letterpress printing over performative typography to writing and coding. She* participated in a number of interdisciplinary collaborations, like Artists as Independent Publishers, Fight Club Bremen and Zeitschrift der Straße. She has studied in Bremen, Budapest and Rovaniemi and is currently studying New Media at Aalto University in Helsinki.

Latest participations:
04/2018 Feature in 360° magazine No. 74 - Transformation and Regeneration. Check
12/2017 Post-Digital Printmaking Conference, Wrocłav – Incubator session (talk): News from the global village – Printmakings not dead, exhibition participant: Du & ich
07/2017 JA! Graduation show of University of the Arts Bremen: Kapitel 1 – 16 (graduation work)
05/2017 The Bunker Exhibition, photography group exhibition, Rovaniemi: I Am A Stranger Here

Contact: mail[a]hystericalpixel.com